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Retailers are the backbone of our American economy. They are our neighbors, our employers and our friends. They pay local and state taxes and they keep our community moving forward.

We recognize that retailers face many challenges in a world that is rapidly changing. The fast pace of technological advances along with shifting demographics, and globalization, leave the business owner alone to navigate in a turbulent sea of economic upheaval.

The Connecticut Retail Network has been working on their behalf at the State Capitol since 1910, for many years as the Connecticut Retail Merchants Association and beginning in 2023 as the Connecticut Retail Network. Our mission is to strengthen Connecticut Retailing through legislative initiatives and also by leveraging our unique buying power to obtain the best value in merchant services on behalf of our membership.

CRN is a member-governed organization. We advocate for ourselves and understand that in order to navigate successfully in this economy, we are stronger working together.

Retail in Connecticut is a great story – with great impact. In Connecticut, retail supports more than 470,000 jobs and contributes more than $34 billion to the state’s economy, and data indicates that Connecticut has roughly 41,900 retail establishments. Overall, the retail industry produces approximately 14 percent of Connecticut’s total GDP, with more than 98 percent of all retail companies employing fewer than 50 people, and providing a wide array of fulfilling and rewarding careers.

We ask that you get involved. By supporting your state retailers association you will join in the fight to strengthen American retailing and will ensure that CRN continues to be the strong voice of retailing in our great state of Connecticut.

Thank you for your consideration.


Tim Phelan,