Register now for CRMA virtual gathering. Go to to fill out your registration form. Free to all retailers. Join us virtually to celebrate retail.

  • In our FF last week, we let you know that we were moving ahead with another annual gathering to celebrate retailers and the retail industry. Registration opens today!
  • You’re invited to REGISTER NOW for our 2020 gathering, which will be on November 19 – our first and hopefully, ONLY, virtual gathering.
  • We are looking forward to providing Connecticut retailers with the latest updated information about what is happening in State Government and in Washington DC, as well as how the industry is preparing for an extended now normal. We’re putting together an excellent program, with expert guests from government, media and retail.


  • Once there, just fill out the form and hit SUBMIT.
  • The event is free, but if you are interested, there are sponsorship opportunities available. Or you can help the Association with a simple donation.
  • Please join us as we virtually celebrate retail.
  • CRMA has always had only one focus: what is best for the retail industry.
  • And even in the face of a terrible crisis like the one we are all in the midst of, our work must continue and now more than ever an organization like CRMA is needed for all sizes of retail businesses.
  • So, please join us as we get together to celebrate the retail INDUSTRY again this year.
  • We look forward to seeing you virtually on November 19!