Democrats sweep CT
Biden wins the State
Congressional districts remain in D’s control
Democrats maintain majorities in Legislature

  • Election 2020 results are in, and with a few races still to be determined, Democrats had a good night in CT.
  • Democrats increased their majorities in both Chambers of the CT General Assembly, while holding on to Congressional seats as well.
  • We will take a much deeper dive on the results on the election in this week’s FF.


Biden wins Connecticut

  • In the category of no big surprise, former Vice President Joe Biden defeated President Trump in CT, giving all of the state’s 7 Electoral College votes to Mr. Biden.
  • Biden won CT by a 59%-40% margin, according to the latest data.


Congressional districts remain in D’s Control

  • Democrats also hold on to all 5 of the Congressional seats in CT, according to the latest data.
  • In the 1st District, Rep. John Larson won his race – and 12th term in Congress – with more than 60% of the vote. In the 2nd District, Rep. Joe Courtney will return to Congress for his 8th term by winning his race with nearly 60% of the vote.
  • In the 3rd Congressional district, veteran Rep. Rosa DeLauro will go back to Congress for her 16th term after defeating her opponent 58% to 40%. Fourth Congressional District Congressman Jim Himes will return to Congress for his 7th term after his victory last night, with 58% of the vote.
  • The final congressional district, the 5th District, first term Congresswoman Jahana Hayes held on to defeat her opponent, with 55% of the vote.


CT General Assembly remains in Democratic control

  • The results of Tuesday’s election will once again allow Democrats to maintain their majority in both the Connecticut House and Senate.
  • They slightly expanded their majority in both Chambers, gaining an additional six seats in the House, and increasing their advantage in the State Senate to 24 – 12.
  • We must tell you that there are several close House and Senate races that will likely trigger an automatic recount or have yet to be decided due to counting of mail in votes.
  • So, we have to hold off on providing the final number of legislators elected in each party, for couple of days.


Good links to live by

  • We recommend folks go to some of our favorite political sites for more in depth look at some of these races and an overall look election results.
  • The Hartford Courant does a great job with an overview of a number of races. You can go here to take a look.
  • Our friend Christine Stuart does her usual great job. You can go to her site, com for a look at her take.
  • Also, the CT Mirror does its usual professional job in its coverage. You can go here for that story.
  • Finally, do not forget that CRMA will give you an even deeper look the results of the election at our virtual membership meeting on November 19th.
  • Please join us for this event as we talk more about the election results; a preview of the upcoming legislative session; a visit from U.S. Sen. Chris Murphy and more.
  • You can go here to register for this event.