Guidelines released
Link to Gov’s press conference
CRMA is on call for you

  • As we mentioned in our FF, the official guidelines for retailers to re-open stores on May 20th would be forthcoming.
  • They have just been released this morning, and CRMA has the link for you to review them.
  • You can read for yourself here what the “rules of the road” for retailers will look like.
  • Also, please note, that the legal language behind these rules, in the form of an Executive Order, are expected to be released mid-week. When the Executive Order is issued, we will get that to you as well.

Governor’s Press Conference

  • At his daily press briefing yesterday, Governor Lamont and DECD Commissioner David Lehman discussed some of the highlights and the thought process used in developing the re-open guidelines.
  • We thought you might want to listen to that, as it may give you some additional insight into what the Governor’s approach is to retail reopening. (Discussion of retail business reopening begins at 15:09 into the video.)
  • You can go here to watch that.

CRMA is On Call for you

  • We want to remind you that if you have any issues or concerns with these guidelines, CRMA is here for you, and we are in constant communication with state officials.
  • Look for more information from us in the upcoming days on both the re-open plan and other news and notes of particular interest to Connecticut retailers.