CRMA continues opposition to digital ad tax. State revenue surges. One month to go for legislature
Other News and Notes from Around the State Capitol. News and notes from around the state
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  • CRMA is continuing our work to defeat the proposed digital ad tax that was included in the Finance Committee’s revenue package that was reported out of that committee 2 weeks ago.
  • We have launched a campaign to get the word out to legislators, staff, and the Governor that we believe this tax will directly impact ALL size of retailers. We encourage you to visit the landing page for that campaign by going here.
  • Never in CT’s history has advertising been subject to any type of tax and NOW is not the time to start. We understand that advertising on digital platforms is critical for retailers to connect with customers, particularly during these times.
  • And the timing of the tax could not be worse. Just when there are signs that business might be improving; that customers are beginning to feel confident to do more in-store shopping and overall business activity is picking up, a new digital advertising tax on large platforms is the wrong move at the wrong time. Those large platforms, while far from perfect we know, will simply pass those costs onto our members.
  • CRMA knows this and will continue to push hard to convince members of the General Assembly and the Governor and his team, that is this the wrong idea.


State revenue surges

  • Late last week, the state released new revenue estimates that show that CT will see close to $1 billion more in revenue than previously expected. Keith Phaneuf from CT Mirror has that story.
  • This is of course, welcomed news, but also begs this simple question: Do we really need all these new taxes with all this new revenue? We don’t think so.
  • In addition to legal questions around the proposed digital tax, the other reason why we oppose the tax is that Connecticut simply DOESN’T NEED THE MONEY.
  • The state budget is expect to end the fiscal year with a surplus; our Rainy Day Fund is overflowing, and for first time in recent memory the Bond rating agencies have upgraded our status.
  • Even Governor Lamont agrees. He said last week: “You don’t raise taxes when you don’t have to raise taxes.”
  • We agree with the Governor on that point.


One month to go for the Legislature

  • The General Assembly continues to grind along during this virtual session and its leaders have made it pretty clear that they will finish the session, one month from now, the way they started it, by keeping the Capitol Complex closed.
  • The fact that the session will remain virtual has forced legislative leaders to re-think the way they debate and deliberate on various bills. For example, it looks more and more likely that committees will do one or two BIG bills by rolling a bunch of smaller bills into one bill.
  • This may mean that some bills that were reported out of various Committees may not make it through this session. Which is not the worst thing that can happen during a session.
  • For CRMA, we continue to keep a close eye on some key issues and expect that over the next couple of weeks, we will have better idea on the fate of those bills.
  • We will keep you updated throughout the process and if you have any questions on any pending legislation, please reach out. 

Other news and notes from around the Capitol

  • In a bipartisan vote, the House of Representatives has voted to put on the 2022 ballot a Constitutional Amendment to allow early voting in Connecticut. If the Senate concurs, voters will get to decide in a referendum in November 2022.  CT Mirror has the story here.
  • Democrat Corey Paris won the special election for the 145th House District, a portion of Stamford, last week. He fills the seat vacated by Patricia Billie Miller, who was elected to the State Senate earlier this year.  Stamford Advocate has the election results here.
  • Former Major League Baseball player and Red Sox and Mets manager Bobby Valentine is running for mayor of Stamford. A Stamford native, Valentine has been the executive director of athletics at Sacred Heart University in Fairfield since 2013. He is running as an unaffiliated candidate. Connecticut Post has the details here. 


Other news and notes from around the state

  • Connecticut is launching a new $150 million multi-year fund to help Connecticut small businesses hurt by coronavirus. A t least half of that money will be directed to businesses owned by minorities, women, individuals with disabilities and veterans. The Associated Press has the details here.
  • The Board of Regents for Higher Education today named Terrence Cheng to oversee more than 72,000 students at 17 higher education institutions – including 12 community colleges, four state universities, and Charter Oak State College. The new head of the Connecticut State Colleges & Universities (CSCU) is currently UConn Stamford’s campus director.  FOX61 has the story here.
  • A proposed $70 million expansion of Tweed-New Haven Airport was announced this week, introducing a new air carrier and plans for a new terminal in what is seen as an economic boost for the region. The Airport Manager, Sean Scanlon, is also a State Representative and Co-Chair of the legislature’s Finance Committee.  The New Haven Independent has the details here.
  • The Connecticut Office of Tourism has launched a new, $1.2 million summer marketing campaign in hopes of increasing visits to beaches, parks, cultural venues, restaurants and other attractions. Hartford Business Journal explains the state’s plans here.
  • More than 27,000 people left New York City and its surrounding metro areas for Connecticut during 2020, according to a new study. New Haven BIZ reports on the data here.


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