Governor announces changes in social gatherings
Casinos to open this weekend
Governor outlines plans for Phase 2 reopen
CRMA survey
Links to live by
Latest Covid-19 numbers


  • As we go to print with this week’s FF, Governor Lamont has just finished his daily press conference.
  • Among the highlights, the Governor announced he was issuing a new Executive Order, increasing the number of people that can gather in both indoor and outdoor settings.
  • The Governor increased the number allowed to gather indoors to up to 10 people, and up to 25 people outdoors.


Casinos to open this weekend

  • In addition, the Governor said he was unsuccessful in persuading the State’s two casinos to hold off opening.
  • Also, in breaking news as we go to print, the state’s two casinos have made an major announcement. Not only did the state’s two casinos announce they were going to defy the Governor and open their doors June 1st, they said they would be opening for invited guests this weekend.
  • The Courant has more on this breaking news. You can go here for that link.
  • The Courant story covers both announcements, but we also have a link to a story below on why the leader of one casino felt the need to open before the Governor would have preferred.


Phase 2 outlined

  • As we move into the second week of the re-opening of CT’s economy, Governor Lamont this week outlined what he identifies as the key metrics for a further opening of the economy, in his Phase 2 re-open.
  • You can view the overview of the Governor’s outline by going here.
  • As you will see, Phase 2 focuses on some key metrics before opening, but also lists the additional business that he sees opening.
  • For instance, we already know that barber shops and hair salons will open June 1, but the Phase 2 reopen allows for movie theaters, in-door restaurants and gyms to open. It also allows for hotel and lodging (no indoor bars), and amusement parks.
  • Again, all of this depends on CT meeting key metrics – such as increased testing and declines in hospitalization.
  • But, we are clearly headed in the right direction, and if we continue that way meeting the goals laid out for the opening of Phase 2 will be reachable.


CRMA Survey

  • As we mentioned in last week’s FF, we are going to begin a series of short surveys to gain insight from members across the state on key issues.
  • The results of these surveys will help us as we respond to inquiries from the media and begin to think about legislative issues that the General Assembly might be dealing with in an upcoming special session.
  • Please take a minute and complete this week’s survey, which focuses on the re-opening of your stores.


Links to live by

  • One to the key industries in CT is gaming and CT’s two casinos have both been closed since the start of this crisis in mid-March.
  • Our friend at Foxwoods Casino, Tribal President Rodney Butler, makes an impassioned argument why he is defying the governor’s call to wait and is re-opening his casino. You can go here for that story.
  • The CT General Assembly is making noise that it might go back into special session before the end of the fiscal year, June 3Oth.
  • One of the issues they might take up is the shrinking budget reserves. Bloomberg News looks at how, by this time next year, that entire reserve might be gone if no federal dollars come our way or action isn’t taken by the GA.
  • You can go here for that story.
  • Another big issue that the General Assembly may take up is the current religious exemptions that are allowed under CT’s mandatory vaccination laws. It is especially fraught issue during this pandemic as a race is underway for a vaccination for COVID-19.
  • CT Mirror takes a look at that story here.
  • We also want to give a shout out to CRMA Board Member Karen Munson for her guest column that appeared in last Sunday’s Hartford Courant. Thank you, Karen, for your all your work in promoting retail and in helping us get re-opened.
  • If you missed Karen’s column you can go here read it.
  • Connecticut’s State University and College system announced today plans to re-open campuses on August 24 for the Fall semester, with in-person classes thru Thanksgiving. Community Colleges can hold on-site courses beginning this Monday for students who need to complete spring semester courses. Hartford Business Journal has the story here.


Latest Covid-19 Numbers

  • The latest COVID-19 numbers in CT: 41,559 cases, 3,826 deaths, and 648 patients currently hospitalized.  There have been 235,525 COVID-19 tests reported, according to the State Department of Public Health.