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Legislature heads into Memorial Day weekend with big issues still pending
CRMA call to action on important unemployment bill
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  • As we head into the Memorial Day weekend, CRMA is seeking your input and information about CT’s new re-open guidelines that Governor Lamont announced last week.
  • The new guidelines eliminated the safe store guidelines that were put into place by the Governor last year. But he also left a lot of decisions on how to proceed into the next phase of re-open to you, the store owner.
  • Now, a little more than a week into it, we want to know how things are going. That is why we urge you to take just a few minutes and complete a very brief CRMA survey here.
  • We remain in contact with the Governor’s office on a regular basis and the feedback we get from you will help us when we talk with them – so if changes need to be made, we will be well armed in making that request.
  • Thank you very much for taking the time to take this survey. It is important and can also help you and your fellow retailer gain some valuable insight.
  • Please link to the survey here.


Legislature heads into Memorial Day with big issues till pending

  • When the legislature returns to work next week (the House will be back on Tuesday, the Senate on Wednesday) they will have a full plate of issues to deal with.
  • For CRMA, we are in the middle of many of the big issues that remain.
  • For starters, the Legislature has to adopt a new two-year budget and CRMA is still actively opposing the proposed digital ad tax that is part of the Democrats tax package. Governor Lamont and House and Senate Republicans have all come out against any increases in any taxes.
  • This week the Senate passed SB 668 – AAC Fair Work Week, which CRMA has opposed and has been stalled in the House, thanks to the active lobbying by CRMA member companies. That issue is one of the big ones the House will have to deal with when they return. You can go here to review a summary of that bill.
  • Also unresolved are proposed changes to CT’s bottle bill. That bill, SB 1037, was on the Senate Go list for action last night but did not get called. We expect that the Senate will take that bill up next week.
  • The Senate did not take up SB 893 ACC Concerning Consumer Privacy this week. We continue to be engaged with Sen. James Maroney (D-Milford) on this critical bill. CRMA supports consumer privacy, but it must be crafted the right way. We believe Congress should act in the area, and that if CT’s legislature acts, it must mirror other states so that compliance for our members is consistent.
  • The House passed HB 5312 AAC Acceptable Forms of Currency as Payment in Local Business, and sent it to Senate. This bill prohibits a retailer from NOT accepting cash as a form of payment.
  • The House also passed HB 5310 AAC Data Privacy Breaches. CRMA supported that bill.
  • Our friend at Hearst CT Newspapers, the legendary Ken Dixon, give us his 10 big issues that are facing the legislature when they return from the long weekend. You can go here to read that.


CRMA call to action on important Unemployment bill

  • One bill on which we would appreciate help is HB 6633, now awaiting action in the Senate.
  • The bill would bring an array of much-needed reforms to the state’s unemployment system, which has been insolvent for most of the past 50 years. It would bring benefits and eligibility requirements more in line with other states, and reduce taxes for 73% of Connecticut businesses.
  • We need members to reach out the Senate Republicans and let them know you support the bill. Our understanding is that the Senate Republicans are looking to amend the bill and send it back to the House, which will most likely not have sufficient time to take it up before adjournment.
  • The Senate vote would be final action on the bill.
  • CRMA will be sending this letter to the entire Sen. Republican caucus and we encourage you to reach to them as well.
  • A list of the 12 Senate R’s, and the towns they represent, is here.


CRMA Golf Outing – Join us!

  • The CRMA Golf Outing is coming up on Tuesday, June 29! Please consider helping us by purchasing a foursome, or being a sponsor, or donating a raffle prize.
  • The Golf Outing is an important fundraiser for CRMA, and we thank you for considering helping us this year.
  • You can go here to learn more about this year’s event. We look forward to seeing you!


News and Notes from around the state.

  • The Senate and House have now both approved a resolution that will allow voters to decide whether to end Connecticut’s long-standing, tight restrictions on when they’re allowed to vote by absentee ballot. The question: “Shall the Constitution of the State be amended to permit the General Assembly to provide for early voting?” will appear on the 2022 Election Day ballot. The Associated Press has the details here.
  • Lamont signed legislation to permit sports betting in Connecticut, after the House and Senate approved the deal he worked out with Connecticut’s two Tribes. The plan must now be approved at the federal level.  The Hartford Courant updates the news here.
  • Connecticut’s recent momentum with the financial rating agencies continued this week with an upgrade from Fitch Ratings, the first upgrades for the state in decades. The Bond Buyer has the news here.
  • The Senate passed a zoning reform bill, aimed at moving town officials to allow more affordable housing, and sent it to Gov. Lamont for signature. CT Mirror reports on the legislation here.
  • Connecticut ratepayers are expected to pay slightly more for the delivery of electricity June 1, but costs overall will likely fall July 1 with reduced generation charges, according to state regulators. The Hartford Courant has the details about UI and Eversource here.
  • The Senate gave final passage to a package of traffic law changes intended to make Connecticut roads safer for pedestrians and bicyclists. The House passed it previously, it now goes to the Governor for his approval.  CTNewsJunkie has the details here.
  • With infections at low levels and vaccination rates high, Gov. Ned Lamont bid has ended his twice-a-week televised briefings for the news media on the coronavirus in Connecticut. CT Mirror reports on the Governor’s comments here.