It’s looking more and more like a rematch
News and notes from around the State Capitol
News and notes from around the state
Mark your calendar for the CRMA Golf Outing

  • It is still many months away, but with a relatively quiet week at the State Capitol, we thought we would begin this week’s FF with a look at the current status of the upcoming fall election for Governor.
  • It’s looking more and more like it will be a rematch between Democrat and Incumbent Governor Ned Lamont and Republican Bob Stefanowski.
  • It’s clear the D’s will be behind Lamont, and with former House Minority Leader Themis Klarides announcing recently that she is dropping out of an anticipated bid for Governor to run against U. S. Senator Richard Blumenthal, it clears the way for Stefanowski to obtain the Republican nomination.
  • It should be an interesting and perhaps closer race than many would have predicted just a few months ago.
  • Lamont is clearly the favorite. While he presided over the COVID-19 pandemic his approval numbers were very strong, but lately they have been slipping. High gas prices, inflation as well as some controversy over a school construction program, appear to have given Stefanowski an opening. And you may have noticed that his television advertising has already begun.
  • The question is can Stefanowski take advantage of it and pull off a victory.
  • It will be fun race to watch and we will keep you posted along the way, but in the meantime, just know that it is our goal to have both Governor Lamont and Mr. Stefanowski address us at our Annual Awards Luncheon which we will be hold in November. You won’t want to miss that.
  • The Hartford Courant takes a look at both candidates with stories about unofficial campaign stops and their strategy on how to pick up votes. You can go here and here for the latest news on how the race is shaping up.


New and notes from around the State Capitol

  • As we mentioned, a relatively quiet week at the Capitol as we move one week closer to the adjournment of the short session, now just 7 weeks away.
  • The General Law Committee held its final meeting of the year on Tuesday of this week.
  • As expected, they reported out SB 6 AAC Personal Data Privacy and Online Monitoring.
  • We are disappointed that the Committee did not change the language in the bill dealing with loyalty programs, nor did they change the effective date of the bill or increase the threshold amount for compliance. All three are areas we feel need to be changed in order for the bill to be fair to all of our members – and our retail customers.
  • We will continue to work the Committee Leadership on the issue and keep you posted.
  • The Labor Committee is sending signals that one of its priorities as it marches towards its deadline, is SB 318, An Act Concerning Captive Audience Meetings. The bill can be read here.   The Judiciary Committee has a similar bill, SB 163.  CRMA is joining a coalition of other business groups in opposing this proposed legislation.
  • As we mentioned in previous FF, the Insurance Committee has a bill that would allow associations like CRMA to form Association Health Care plans that would allow us to harness the buying power of the large group to get an upfront discount on the purchase of health insurance.
  • We support this bill and while it may not be a perfect solution to lowering health care costs, it could lead to some relief for some of our members.
  • We would welcome your thoughts on this issue as well as if you would be interested in helping us get the bill passed by contacting your local State Representative or State Senator.
  • The House and Senate were in formal sessions this week, doing mostly approval of judicial and executive nominations.
  • But they did pass a bill dealing with absentee ballots. The Courant has that story as well, here.
  • The Public Safety Committee held a public hearing on a CT version of the INFORM ACT and has until Tuesday of next week to act on it. You can go here to read that bill, SB 257, AAC High Volume Third-Party Sellers on Online Marketplaces.


News and notes from around the state

  • Though the coronavirus appears to be waning, state legislators voted Wednesday to extend outdoor dining at restaurants for another 13 months. The Hartford Courant reports the story here.
  • Connecticut is facing “a critical shortage” in nurses and other workers in the healthcare field, state officials said this week. CT Examiner has the update here.
  • Tax payments from sports betting operators in February were the lowest yet, according to the latest data. WSHU Public Radio has the numbers here.
  • Connecticut lawmakers have been asked to update last year’s state law that allows student-athletes to be compensated for their name and likeness in marketing deals. The Associated Press has the details here.
  • Hartford’s Dillon Stadium will be renamed Trinity Health Stadium under the terms of a multi-year naming rights agreement involving Trinity, the city and the Hartford Athletic. The Hartford Courant has the story here.
  • Despite the warm March weather, the halls of the Connecticut State Capitol were decked with holly and festive red bows for a Hallmark Christmas movie, which will film scenes in the historic building on Friday and Saturday. CTNewsJunkie has the movie notes here.


Mark your calendar for the CRMA Golf Outing

  • It’s beginning to feel a lot like springtime, so we want you to start thinking about one of our favorite events of the year – our Annual Golf Outing.
  • This year’s event will be held on Tuesday, June 28th at Wampanoag Country Club in West Hartford, CT.
  • We look forward to seeing you there! (Look for more details about the event, coming soon.)