Phase 3 of re-open in jeopardy
CT’s numbers stay strong
No news on special session
Last call for CRMA survey
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  • As we head into the holiday weekend, we are sending you this FF a little early. Hopefully your stores will be busy this weekend as CT’s economy continues the process of getting back to some sense of normalcy.
  • Speaking of that, with the number of cases skyrocketing across the country some members of the Lamont administration are giving thought to holding off on moving to Phase 3 of CT’s re-open.
  • We spoke to a key member of the administration earlier this week, who told us that the decision to move to Phase 3 will take place next week.
  • Despite CT’s tremendous numbers (see below) the fact that other states are seeing increases due to the opening of those type business are forcing the administration to think long and hard about moving to Phase 3.
  • The Hartford Courant lays out the Gov’s thinking, including a decision announced today to hold off on reopening of bars in Connecticut. You can do here for that story.
  • You can take a look at what business will be impacted in Phase 3 by going here.


CT’s Number’s stay strong and travel update

  • Before we move to the numbers, just a quick update on a question we received from a few members last week as it relates to the travel ban that CT put in place last week, and which now includes 16 states.
  • If you have an associate that is traveling back from one of those effected states they must be quarantined before they are allowed to return to work UNLESS they are an essential worker.
  • Those essential workers and employers are encouraged to get tested before going back to work.
  • Here are the numbers for CT as of yesterday: There are currently 100 people hospitalized in Connecticut with COVID-19.  There were 11,448 COVID-19 tests administered Wednesday across the state and 58 came back positive, a positivity rate of 0.5%— the lowest positivity rate to date. A total of 475,862 people have been tested, and the state has had 46,572 reported COVID-19 cases, with 4,324 deaths.


News and notes from the State Capitol

  • Despite a plea from the Governor to hold off raises, state employees will see a 3.5% increase in their salaries.
  • One Democratic State Rep. was not happy, and put it in blunt terms.
  • Chris Keating of the Courant has that quote and more. You can go here to read that.
  • Still no word yet on if/when the General Assembly will go into special session. We always thought it would be before the start of the new fiscal year, but we were wrong. Discussions about including legislative action on racial justice issues and absentee balloting appear to be impacting the timetable.
  • We will not make another guess on when, but instead promise to keep our ear to the ground and let you know as soon as we hear any word.


Last call for this CRMA survey

  • We are making one last request to take the latest CRMA survey. This one focuses on the economy.
  • It is a simple survey that won’t take long to complete – but the information that we get from it will be enormously helpful in our discussion with members of the General Assembly and with the media.
  • So, please take just a few minutes to take this survey.


Links to live by

  • Real estate experts say the move of New Yorkers to Connecticut is accelerating due to COVID-19, in numbers not seen in years. FOX61 has the story here.
  • Amazon has announced plans for a fulfillment center in Cromwell, its eighth warehouse site in Connecticut. Hartford Courant has the story here.
  • Microsoft has announced plans to close its retail locations. NBC Connecticut has the story here.
  • Connecticut has released plans for the reopening of schools in the fall. Fairfield County Business Journal has the story here.
  • Four Republican candidates for Congress are trying to block the state from implementing an emergency pandemic order by Gov. Lamont that could increase the use of absentee ballots for the delayed Aug. 11 primary. Hartford Courant has the story here.