Lamont’s approval ratings
News and notes from around the State Capitol
News and notes from around the State
See you in September

  • This week an interesting poll was released that may give us some insight into the fall election for Governor here in CT.
  • Morning Consult recently conducted a poll of State Governors throughout the country and the results of the poll show that CT Governor Ned Lamont has the highest approval rating of any Democratic Governor in the country.
  • According to the poll, 58% of registered voters in CT approve of Lamont’s performance, while 35% disapprove. Those numbers make Lamont the nation’s most popular governor overall.
  • Whether those numbers could translate to a Lamont victory in the fall is still way too soon to tell, but it clearly shows that Lamont is heading into the summer months in a pretty good position.
  • Alex Putterman from Hearst has more details in his story. You can go here to read that.


News and notes from around the State Capitol

  • With the August primaries just a couple of weeks away, and summer vacation season here, absentee ballots will be critical.
  • Those, absentee ballots are now available for the Tuesday, August 9 primaries in Connecticut. And more people are eligible to vote absentee, according to state officials.  CTNewsJunkie explains, here.
  • State Rep. Maria Horn is working to support other Democrats running for office in November, forming a political action committee in the midst of her own re-election campaign. The Torrington Register Citizen explains, here.
  • With just over two weeks before the Republican primary for U.S Senate, big-money donations are still flowing into campaign coffers and Super PACs supporting the candidates The Hartford Courant’s Chris Keating has the latest here.
  • The $4.3 billion surplus for the fiscal year that closed June 30 is unprecedented in state history. CT Mirror’s Keith Phaneuf reports on the record numbers here.


News and notes from around the state

  • Job growth held steady in Connecticut during the month of June as the state added 1,700 jobs, according to the state Department of Labor. Connecticut’s unemployment rate shrunk from 4.2% to 4%. Hartford Business Journal has the details here.
  • Most of Connecticut’s colleges and universities rank below average in how well they serve low-income students, according to a new report from policy research group. CT Mirror and Hartford Business Journal highlight the report’s findings here.
  • Officials in the Connecticut State Colleges and Universities’ system are planning cost-cutting measures in the upcoming year to combat revenue losses from declining enrollment. CT Mirror reports on the CSCU plans here.
  • Taking a cue from Hartford, Waterbury plans to spend $1.5 million offering matching grants of up to $100,000 to help fill downtown retail spaces for new and growing businesses. Hartford Business Journal reports on the city’s plans here.
  • Several companies headquartered in Connecticut earned 100 percent scores in the 2022 Disability Equality Index, which comprises one of the leading measures of the workplace inclusion of people with disabilities. CT Post reports on the index here.


We will see you in September

  • This will be our last FF for a little bit.
  • We are going to take the month of August off but will still be on top of things and will be sure to update you on any breaking news.
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