Quite Week at the Capitol

Looney’s Tax Plan, Tolls and Notes from the State Capitol

Lamont Administration Continues to Fill Jobs

Legislative Committee Reminder

Retail News and Notes

  • It was sort of a quite week at the Capitol for Legislators due to the short week.
  • Most Committees have begun meeting and raising bills for drafting which means that the list of bills that CRMA is following on behalf of our very diverse membership is growing daily.
  • This week we meet with some key committee’s leadership to talk to them about what we could expect from them and how we can work together to make life easier for Retailers in CT.
  • This early part of the Legislative process is still a get to know you type of approach. Especially in a long session and this year with so many new members. So, it is important for CRMA to be visible at the Capitol to continue to protect our member’s interest.

Looney’s Tax Plan, Tolls and other Notes from the State Capitol

  • This week Sen. President Martin Looney (D) New Haven, introduced a couple of idea’s that got some attention.
  • Our friend Dan Haar from the CT Post, takes a look a Looney’s idea to allow towns to eliminate the car tax. Read more here.  The Yankee institute reviews Looney’s plans for regionalization of public schools, read more here.
  • Meanwhile, Freshman Senator Alex Bergstein (D) Greenwich, held a town hall meeting this week and got some strong feedback on her support for tolls. You can go here to read more about that.
  • The Hartford Courant takes a look at the four candidates who are vying for the open State Senate seat in the 5th district, in West Hartford. The seat was held by Sen. Beth Bye who resigned before she was sworn in to take a job in the Lamont Administration. You can go here  for that story.

Lamont Administration Continues to Fill Jobs

  • Speaking of the Lamont Administration, this week the Governor introduced his new Commissioner of the Department of Administrative Services. DAS is an important agency in State Government. They act as the State’s HR Department as well as overseeing purchasing of services and items.
  • For this position, Lamont has named Josh Geballe, a Yale graduate with private sector experience in technology. Geballe will have his hands full running DAS and bringing CT’s IT into the modern era.
  • Rick Green of the Courant also has a great run down on who is in the Lamont Administration. You can go here to look at what Team Lamont looks like as of today.
  • There are still some key spots in the new administration to be filled. The DMV commissioner has not been named, but the one we are keeping a close eye on is DECD Commissioner. Lamont has made bringing new business to CT as one of his highest priorities; his pick for DECD Commissioner will be critical to fulfill that promise.

CRMA Legislative Committee Meeting

  • The CRMA Legislative Committee will be holding our bi-weekly conference call this week.
  • If you have not been notified of the call, and would like to join in, please reach out to Cathy in our office at cathy@ctretailnetwork.com and she will give the info you need.
  • Also, if you are reading this week’s FF and have not mailed in your membership dues to CRMA, please do so today. CRMA is the voice of Retailing in CT. but we need all retailers and friends of Retailer to help us.
  • Please help us by paying your membership dues and help us by spreading the word about us to all your friends in the retail industry. We are powerful group and industry, but we could have even more influence if we increase our numbers.
  • Visit our website, crmaonline.com and donate today!
  • Any help you can give, we would really appreciate.

Retail News and Notes

  • Consumers to spend an average of $81 for Super Bowl
  • American adults say they will spend an average of $81.30 for a total of $14.8 billion as they watch the New England Patriots and the Los Angeles Rams meet up in the Super Bowl next month, according to the annual survey released today by NRF and Prosper Insights & Analytics. See more data.


  • Does the high-tech store of the future make sense?
  • It can be exciting to think about the high-tech store of the future, but retailers need to carefully consider why they’re implementing each new technology and what it will mean for each part of their business, Home Depot executive Albert Vita said at NRF 2019: Retail’s Big Show. “My point here is that the rising tide of innovation needs to lift all of the boats,” he said. Business Insider (1/23)