CT vaccine roll out enters Phase 1b
What does it mean for retailers
Privacy issue first big legislative issue
Other news and notes from the State Capitol
News and notes from around the state – CRMA members in the news

  • Governor Lamont this week outlined in more detailed what Phase 1b of distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine will look like. 
  • During his press briefing yesterday the Governor and some of his key staff described which groups of citizens will be included in the next phase, while also urging patience to those who would like to receive the vaccine.
  • Connecticut’s next phase of vaccinations has expanded to include all residents who are 65 years and older, as well as residents with at least one high-risk health condition. Hartford Courant has the update here.  
  • While acknowledging that some Phase 1a participants have yet to receive their second shot, Lamont informed those that have been identified as participants for next Phase to be ready to receive their initial shot.


What does it mean for Retailers

  • CRMA has and will continue to reach out to the Governor’s office and the Department of Public Health to get specific news on how the next phase of the vaccine roll-out will impact retailers and retail employees. 
  • For now, we suggest that all employers follow the guidelines that have been laid out by the Department of Public Health. 
  • The state’s website, which is updated by state officials, can be seen here.
  • It is important to note that this is an ongoing issue and the CRMA will continue to update you with all the latest information as we know it when we know it.


Privacy legislation – first big legislative issue

  • As the General Assembly goes into its first full week of work, one of the issues that we have noticed has the attention of numerous legislators is the issue of consumers and privacy.
  • Retailers have an intense interest in this issue due to our relationship with our customers and keep a close eye on legislation that would put up unnecessary barriers between retailers and their customers.
  • In addition, so-called privacy legislation could have unintended consequences that could have a huge negative impact on retailers’ – large and small – bottom line.
  • We will keep you updated throughout this session on the issue, because it can and will have an impact on all of our members.


Other news and notes from the State Capitol

  • Most legislative committees by now have held at least one committee meeting – all virtual.
  • We expect the next phase of the legislative process, the continuation of raising bills for drafting and beginning holding public hearings on bills, to begin next week.
  • CRMA’s Legislative Committee held our first meeting of session this week and will continue holding meetings bi-weekly throughout the session to review bills and talk about issues we are facing in more detail.
  • The Legislative Committee is open to all members. If you are interested in receiving notifications about the Legislative Committee, please feel free to email us at tim@ctretailnetwork.com and we will welcome you aboard.
  • Connecticut State Capitol Police have stepped up security around the State Capitol. CTNewsJunkie reports the latest here.


News & Notes from around the state – including CRMA members

  • S. Senator Chris Murphy met with two CRMA members in recent days.
  • He visited West Hartford’s Fleet Feet Sports, focusing on the challenges facing Connecticut’s retail businesses. We-ha.com reports the story here.
  • And he went to Best Cleaners in West Haven to hear directly from another prominent Connecticut business. News8 reports the story here.
  • Lamont announced plans to help Connecticut’s small businesses, under the state’s Business Recovery Grant program. New Haven BIZ has the story here.
  • President-elect Joe Biden’s $1.9 trillion Covid-19 relief plan announced yesterday is designed to both pump money into the economy and contain the coronavirus pandemic. Bloomberg News has the story here.
  • Leaders from small towns from throughout Connecticut met this week with an eye on the state legislature.  News8 has the story here.
  • Lamont had hip replacement surgery this week and is said to be recuperating well at home. The Hartford Courant has the update here.