Legislature picking up the pace
CRN Legislative Reception update
News and notes from the State Capitol
News and notes from around the state

  • This week both the House and the Senate were back in formal business by holding sessions to debate and vote on bills on Wednesday and Thursday. 
  • They passed some bills, but Wednesday was Husky Day with a large contingent of members of the national champion men’s team, along with their head coach Dan Hurley walking the halls of the State Capitol taking time for photos and to sign various items of clothing and all sizes of basketballs.
  • With both the House and the Senate in session only 2 days this week, Speaker Ritter had to explain to members of the media why this short session seems to some as having much less activity than previous short sessions. 
  • The Speaker’s explanation that bills simply were not ready for action after Committees had reported them out, is certainly plausible. But it is also clear that the Speaker and possibly the Senate Leader are in no rush to act on bills with adjournment day now just right around the corner. 
  • Both chambers are back in session next week. The House is scheduled to be in on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, while the Senate will be on Wednesday and Thursday. 


CRN Legislative Reception update

  • CRN will be hosting a legislative reception on Tuesday, April 30, 2024 from 4:00pm to 7:00pm – and you don’t want to miss it. 
  • There is NO COST to attend the event, where you will have an opportunity to mingle with state lawmakers and talk about the various issues that are being debated. 
  • We know the General Assembly will be in session that day given that it is the last full week before adjournment, so we expect many lawmakers and key staff to be in attendance. 
  • The reception will be held in the North Lobby of our historic State Capitol building. 
  • If you have any questions about the event, please reach out to CRN President Tim Phelan at tim@ctetailnetwork.com. If you would like to be a sponsor for the event, here is some additional information about how you can help. 


News and notes from around the State Capitol 

  • The House passed a bill this week that would better deal with the growing menace of street takeovers that have been taking place throughout the state. You can read more about the debate on the bill by going here.   
  • Budget adjustment update: Speaker Ritter this week defended the actions of the Appropriations Committee not passing a budget out of committee this year, essentially saying we have a budget in place and there is no need for adjustment. 
  • But that doesn’t mean that there won’t be more money spent this year. And as we have noted in previous FF, the additional spending will be done by using leftover ARPA funding. 
  • This week, the CTNewsJunkie takes a look at where we stand with that issue. 
  • The House has passed a bill requiring owners of inground pools or hot tubs to put a fence around the structures after a sometimes-heated debate over child safety and whether the requirement was unfair to current pool owners.  CTNewsJunkie has the details here.
  • WHEN you attend our Legislative Reception on April 30th, you will notice that some of the escalators and elevators in both the Legislative Office Building and the State Capitol have broken down and there is no time set yet on when they will be repaired. 
  • In fact, they might have reached their lifetime limits and the cost to repair them, according to the Legislative Management leadership, which runs the LOB, is close to $10 million dollars. 
  • Ken Dixon has more on why the cost is that much and if there is any plan to find the money to pay for it, here


News and notes from around the state

  • Can and bottle recycling is up 15% in Connecticut, following a change in state law that gave consumers an added incentive to return their empties to a redemption center, grocery store or other qualified businesses.  Details from Hartford Business Journal here.
  • Earned Wage Access continues to be in the news as the legislature decides how to respond to public interest in making their funds accessible.  Fairfield County Business Journal looks into the issue here.
  • The University of Hartford has partnered with HyAxiom, an East Hartford-based fuel cell company, to install four stationary fuel cell power plants on campus. Hartford Business Journal has the details here.
  • Arguing that telehealth gives consumers more flexible health care options, state lawmakers aim to broaden the range of professions authorized to offer the service and simplify the process for Connecticut residents to use out-of-state providers.  CT Examiner has that story here.  
  • In the 40 games since November, the UConn men’s basketball lost only three games, netting the highest winning percentage of any other men’s basketball Division I team in the nation at 92.5%. The runners-up didn’t even reach 90%.  CT Mirror analyzes the data of the National Championship season here.