Next Executive order to deal with masks
Re-open CT Advisory Group established
CRMA to have a seat on the Advisory Board
Legislative news and notes
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  • As we go to print with this week with FF, we are anticipating a new Executive Order to be released.
  • This one, we understand, will deal with the wearing of masks for state residents and for all essential businesses, including retailers.
  • We are not completely certain what the final language of this Executive Order will be, but we have been in touch with the Governor’s office, providing our perspective on this issue.
  • Specifically, we know that similar orders regarding masks/protective face coverings have been put in place in New York, New Jersey, PA and RI and at least one Connecticut community, New Haven. We also know that in some of those states these new orders are putting a tremendous burden on retailers to enforce the wearing of masks/protective face covering by customers.
  • We do not think enforcement is a role for retailers to play. And we have expressed this to the Governor’s office.
  • We are hopeful that when this new order is released, it will not have retailers enforcing the wearing of protective face coverings. Rather, it will have retailers doing all that they can to encourage customers to do so.
  • We do expect the order to require retailers and all business to mandate that employees all wear face masks/protective face gear.
  • We will be sure to share the new Executive Order with you when it is released, but in the meantime if you have any questions about this issue, please don’t hesitate to call our office 860-527-1044 or email us at


Governor Lamont Forms Re-Open CT Advisory Group

  • This week, Governor Lamont announced that he would be working with 6 other Northeastern states (NY, NJ, MA, RI, DE, PA) in a coordinated plan to re-open the states for business.
  • The governors announced the creation of a multi-state council to restore the economy and get people back to work. The announcement builds on the states’ ongoing regional approach to combating the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Lamont named former PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi, Dr. Albert Ko, chairman of the epidemiology department at the Yale School of Medicine, and his Chief of Staff, Paul Mounds, to represent Connecticut. 
  • Nooyi and Ko will also co-chair the Re-open Connecticut Advisory Board, being established by the Governor. CT Post has the story here.


CRMA President Tim Phelan appointed to Advisory Board

  • We are also pleased to announce today that retailers will be represented on the advisory board.
  • CRMA President Tim Phelan has been notified that he will be appointed to the Advisory Board to represent retailers in the discussion.
  • We appreciate the fact that the Governor and DECD Commissioner Lehman recognized the important role that retailers play in CT’s economy, and need to ensure that the re-opening of the economy in CT has retailers in mind.
  • Also, we are pleased that the Governor understands the tremendous impact that the loss of business has had on the retail industry overall and how that has impacted CT residents, communities, and the state
  • While this Advisory Board is gearing up, we need to hear from you. We need your ideas on the best ways for CT to re-open. Please send your ideas and suggestions directly to Tim Phelan, CRMA President,


Legislative News and Notes

  • Still no official word or date on when the Legislature will come back into session.
  • The Capitol Complex remains closed at least until April 23rd, but we don’t expect they will return on that date – and we don’t expect them to come back at all to continue the session. Under the State Constitution, the legislative session adjourns on May 6th, and as of today, we do not see a scenario where the General Assembly re-convenes before then.
  • It is possible, however, that they could return during a special session after the May 6th adjournment date. We are keeping our ear to the ground on any word on that possibility and if that does happen, what issues they may take up.
  • During a normal short legislative session, leading into a campaign season, you would see a number of legislators announcing that they are not running for re-election. But with all that is going on, this year may bring more than usual.
  • Already, we have seen the Senate Minority Leader, Len Fasano, announce he will not seek re-election and this week he was joined by another long-time member, Buddy Altobello (D) of Meriden, who announced he will not be seeking re-election to what have been his 14th term. The Meriden Record-Journal has more here. And Middletown Rep. Joseph Serra, after serving for nearly 28 years, announced late last month he’s not running for reelection.
  • In our view, with each day that the General Assembly doesn’t return to session, it becomes more likely that additional legislators will announce that they too will bow out.


Links to live by

  • Individuals are now being named to the Re-open Connecticut Advisory Board. The Hartford Courant profiles those named as of this morning here.
  • Lamont discussed plans for an Executive Order, expected later today, regarding the wearing of masks. Connecticut Post has the story here and Waterbury Republican-American here.
  • Funds allocated to the Payroll Protection Plan have been exhausted, and businesses are looking to Congress for additional funding to meet the demand. Hartford Business Journal has the story here.