Finance Committee to hold public hearing on digital ad tax bill on Tuesday
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News and notes from the State Capitol
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News and notes from around Connecticut

  • In previous FF we have mentioned that the Finance, Revenue and Bonding Committee is giving strong consideration to taxing digital platforms for advertising that takes place on those platforms.
  • CRMA is strongly opposed to that concept and has previously testified before the Finance Committee on similar legislation.
  • We know that retailers and others use these platforms to reach customers where they are and we know that customers are on these platforms. We believe that this legislation – while it may be intended to get at the high-profile national platforms – will simply boomerang back to you and will result in higher advertising rates.
  • Next Tuesday, the Finance Committee will hold a public hearing on another bill that will tax these digital platforms for ad’s that are placed. CRMA plans to testify.
  • But we need your help.


Sign up to testify

  • With the hearing set for next Tuesday on SB 1106, yesterday we sent you a special notice asking that you contact us to sign up to testify before the Finance Committee. You can go here to see that notice again, if you would like.
  • While we have heard from a few members overnight, we need more. Please help us defeat this bill by contacting us so that can add you to the list of those who will testify.
  • Testifying before the General Assembly is not easy, we know that, especially for retailers like you who have businesses to run, but it is incredibly important.
  • Legislators need to hear from YOU. They need to know how important advertising is to retail and how critical it is for retailers to use digital platforms to reach customers.
  • They need to hear from YOU what the COVID economy did to your business and how you are working your way back – and that bills like this that would increase your costs.
  • We appreciate the challenge to you in taking even brief time away from your store, but we promise you we will do all that we can to make it as simple as possible – but more importantly, we can assure you that it WILL have an impact.


News Around the Capitol

  • This week the State Senate went into session to deal with some issues and to pay tribute to former State Sen. Edwin Gomes (D-Bridgeport) who recently passed away. Sen. Gomes was a fierce advocate for organized labor but was gentle soul and good friend to CRMA, and he will be missed.
  • The House is scheduled to go session on Monday, April 19th. No word yet on what might be on their agenda. CRMA has several bills that are pending on the House calendar awaiting action.
  • There is a data breach bill (HB 5310), a bill dealing with price gouging (HB 5307), and a bill that prohibits retailers from not accepting cash as a form of payment (HB 5312).
  • We will keep you posted on the progress of those bills, especially if the House takes them up next week.
  • Connecticut employers could soon be prevented from asking for a job applicant’s date of birth, school graduation or school attendance dates, under a bill that passed the state Senate this week. Associated Press reports that story here.
  • Republican Tony Scott of Monroe won a three-way race in a special election Tuesday in the 112th House District of Monroe and a portion of Newtown. CT Mirror reports on the election here.


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  • CRMA has launched a new Facebook page, with the latest info on key bills at the legislature.
  • And share it with other retailers, and those who support the retail industry.


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News and Notes Around Connecticut

  • Retail sales received a bump when federal stimulus checks arrived, according to federal data. Connecticut Post has the numbers and the story here.
  • Connecticut’s unemployment rate dropped from 8.5% in February to 8.3% in March, according to new data released by the state Department of Labor, the third consecutive monthly. Hartford Business Journal has the data here.
  • Connecticut reached a milestone in the COVID-19 pandemic this week as Gov. Lamont announced Thursday that more than 1 million residents had been fully vaccinated against the virus. CTNewsJunkie has the update here.
  • Nearly two-thirds of Connecticut residents support marijuana legalization, a public policy opinion poll by Sacred Heart University found. Hartford Business Journal has the highlights here.
  • The state’s Paid Family and Medical Leave Insurance Authority has enrolled 87,000 employers so far, officials announced this week. New Haven BIZ has the update here.
  • Lamont’s decision to go forward with an age-based roll-out of the vaccine was not without concerns about the public and media reaction. The Hartford Courant has the story of how it was handled by the Governor’s staff.