CRN in the News

CRN in the News

The Connecticut Retail Network is in the news, highlighting the impact of retail businesses on the economy, jobs, and communities all across the state.

Stefanowski, Lamont Talk Taxes With Connecticut Retailers

In an interview following the event, Tim Phelan, president of the retail merchant’s group and moderator of the forum, said the unemployment insurance issue was a pressing concern for retailers. Read the article here.

Connecticut Businesses File Captive Audience Lawsuit

“Connecticut retailers have been consistent throughout this debate: this state law is preempted by federal statute and violates the First Amendment,” said Connecticut Retail Networks president Tim Phelan. Read the article here.

Tax Free Week Underway; One of Two This Year

During a televised press conference in West Hartford on Wednesday, Tim Phelan, president of the Connecticut Retail Network, praised the annual tax free week as a boon for consumers and retailers of all types. Read the article here.

Connecticut Businesses Respond to Rising Levels of Shoplifting

What can businesses do to protect themselves from shoplifters? Tim Phelan, president of the Connecticut Retail Merchants Associations, believed the first thing to do is change the terminology related to the crime. Read the article here.

State Digital Ad Tax Will Harm Small Businesses

In an opinion article in the New London Day, Tim Phelan and Robin Mallove point out that no matter the intent of the proponents, Connecticut retailers will end up paying every time they purchase a digital ad on the major platforms.  Read the article here.

Click here to read the statement by CRMA on April 22, 2021 on Finance Committee action on digital ad tax.