Thank you for taking action to stop the ad tax!

Thank you for taking action to stop the ad tax, your call will begin shortly!

Here are some talking points to think about while you are on your call:

  • Retail business all across Connecticut are very concerned about the new tax on digital advertising that the state legislature is now considering.
  • Tech companies will not passively absorb the costs of the ad tax. Instead, they will push those costs down to the individual businesses buying those digital ads.
  • When retailers’ advertising costs increase, they will either raise prices to consumers to cover those new costs, or be forced do less advertising, reach fewer customers, experience a drop in sales, and have a tougher time balancing their books to stay in business.
  • Advertising supports 288,333 jobs and drives $89 billion of economic activity in Connecticut.
  • The COVID-19 economy has put retail businesses, particularly small independent retailers, under increasing pressure just to stay in business – and to stay in business here in Connecticut. If this proposed tax were to pass, it may prove to be the final straw for retailers who have been teetering on the brink for months.
  • The ad tax may have seemed like a good idea, a way to grab some money for Connecticut from the global tech giants. But really, our own local retail businesses and consumers will be harmed most.